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Museum of Science and Technology

What to see and Do

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About the Museum

The largest of its kind in Canada, Science and Technology Museum lets visitors experience science and technology first-hand, as they discover artifact-rich exhibitions featuring marine and land transportation, communications, Space, computer technology as well as many unique objects from its national collection. Science and technology has changed Canada and the lives of Canadians. This transformation of Canada, from the period of early exploration and settlement to the present, has been marked by many achievements in science and technology.


The Museum is currently closed due to grand renovations and restructuring, that will bring new and innovative ideas forward for all vistors.


Visitation is expected to open for the public in 2017.


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How to visit:


1867 St Laurent Blvd, Ottawa, ON 





Fax: 613-993-7923


Visiting Hours

Currently closed for renovations


The LIbrary remains open:

Telephone: 613-991-2982

Home > Museums > Museum of Science and Technology

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