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Ottawa is home to a diverse culture from east and west, great festivals of different ethnic background.

In the spring we have the Canadian Tulip Festival, which has been taking place in Ottawa for over 60 years.

Summer festivals include the Tim Horton’s Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival, the Ottawa International Children’s Festival, and Canada Day celebration.

Fall festivals include the Ottawa Folk Festival, Fall Rhapsody – Little Italy’s Grapefest, and more.

Of course our most famous in the winter is the Winterlude – in a span of 3 weekends in February (weather permitting) different parts of Ottawa displays a great show of art and expression of talent, a celebration that the entire family can enjoy, take pictures and see friends over hot chocolate.


Ottawa also has a good number of museums, and a great amount of history and culture. Find Art galleries, historical sites, museums, attractions, current exhibits and more.


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The Museum of Nature is a true landmark in Ottawa. A beautiful limestone building, built in 1905 and most recently renovated in 2010.

Impresively captures the nature of our planet Earth. It showcases a spectacular display of the past and present, numerous creatures.

A world-class display of galleries and exhibitions to ensure visitors delight. It is conveniently located in downtown.

Museum of Science and Technology is currently closed for urgent repairs and upgrades. It will be open in 2017. You can push buttons, turn dials, and pull levers in the many interactive exhibitions. With collections focusing on astronomy, communications, computer technology, and many more, A vast array of artifacts of all shapes and sizes to explore.

At ​The Museum of Avation you will explore the History of aviation, from the earliest planes to high powered jets, with special focus on Canada’s contributions and innovations. Air crafts from all eras of flight, flight simulators, and many interactive exhibitions. A guided tour included in the admission.

Bring your kids to The Canadian Children’s Museum and they won’t want to leave! The Museum lets them travel the world, enriching their lives and broadening their experience by exploring other cultures through exhibitions, props, costumes and hands-on artifacts, including an extraordinary assortment of toys and games.


The History Museum (formally the Canadian Museum of Civilization) is the most visited Museum in Canada. The Museum explores the human history and civilizations both past and present. It also contains within it the Children’s Museum, The IMAX Theater. The building itself is architecturally appealing and the surrounding parks and water streams are great for walks.

The  Museum of War is a world-class museum that tells the stories of all Canadians affected by war, and honors the sacrifices of those who have served our country. 

Four permanent exhibitions:

1) Battleground: (earliest -1885)    2) For Crown and Country: (1885-1931)

3) Second World War (1931-1945)  4) Recent Conflicts (1945- Present)

Come to see coins being made. The Royal Canadian Mint (the Ottawa branch) focuses on the production of hand-crafted collector and commemorative coins. Very well priced for a tour. Adults $4.50 $6, kids $2.25 to $3, and seniors $3.75 to $5, the lower prices being weekends.

Lower prices being in the weekend

The Bytown Museum, located on the lower locks of the Rideau Canal at the Ottawa River just below Parliament Hill, between the Parliament Hill and the Château Laurier hotel. The museum captures the evolution of Ottawa. It is a great visit while you are visiting the Rideau Canal's Locks (a UNESCO World Heritage Site)

Home > Museums

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