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Ingenium Membership

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Ottawa's Ingenium Membership

Ingenium membership replaced the old Canada's Capital Museums Passport, It works much like the old system where you purchase one membership for yourself or your family and enjoy visiting the same 3 museums in Ottawa.

It is the best way to explore Canadian culture, science, art, history, nature – and much more – in the Capital. Visit up to seven uniquely Canadian museums in Canada's Capital Region.

Membership Categories

The cost of membership category is as follows:



A Family membership includes up to two named adults and their children or grandchildren (ages 17 and under). 

Price:  $130 / year


An Individual membership is for 1 named adult (ages 18 and older).

Price:  $65 / year


A Daycare membership offers unlimited weekday admission for up to two caregivers and 10 children under their care.

Special-needs groups are also eligible. 

Price: $96 / year

You can buy the Ingenium membership at any of the participating museums or online at

With your membership you have unlimited access to all 3 museums in Ottawa


Updated May 05, 2022

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